CII National Committee on Biotechnology 2018-19

The next phase of the biotechnology revolution in India is just around the corner. A journey that began in earnest in 2007 with targeted interventions is set to see a phase of rapid transformation as the country strives to achieve its $100 billion bioeconomy vision by 2025. Furthermore, recent scientific and technological advancements, especially in the genomic space, position India as a sweet spot to prove its credential as the best-cost innovation hub for cutting-edge genomics research and bioinformatics services.

On its exciting journey toward this promising bioeconomy vision, CII National Committee in Biotechnology would play a significant role to identify mega pivots and growth levers that will unlock value and lead to decisive action with solid implementation.

Terms of Reference of CII National Committee on Biotechnology 2018-19 are enlisted below:

Members of CII National Committee on Biotechnology 2018-19 nominate themselves to be the part of sub-groups, which work to undertake advocacy of the role of Pharmaceuticals to develop position papers, to explore, recommend and facilitate pharmaceutical policy initiatives, and to undertake specific objectives for the conducive growth of the pharmaceutical sector.