CII Pharmaceuticals Committee

CII firmly believes that pharmaceuticals truly lends itself to be a thrust sector under the Government’s Make in India programme. The pharmaceutical industry in India occupies a place of pride in not just the Indian, but across the global. The impact transcends the value chain with Indian pharmaceutical companies leading in API’s, formulations, and differentiated products.

The Pharmaceutical sector comprises a very important segment of CII’s membership in which we see a great promise.

The CII National Committee on Pharmaceuticals strives to meet the following objectives through its activities and initiatives:
  1. Advise CII National Council on all the matters related to Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Sector.
  2. Lead CII’s national and international engagements (in bound and out bound delegations/representations/platforms) on Drugs & Pharmaceuticals.
  3. Conduct policy research and push government for conducive policy and incentives for the growth of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals sector and for triggering more investments.
  4. Enhance the image of Indian Pharmaceutical industry and position the sector as the most credible, conscious, and responsible sector nationally and globally.
  5. Facilitate Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Industry to embrace best practices / next practices to be global leaders.
  6. Organize flagship events for National and International partnerships.

CII Pharmaceuticals Committee members nominate themselves to be the part of sub-groups, which work to undertake advocacy of the role of Pharmaceuticals to develop position papers, to explore, recommend and facilitate pharmaceutical policy initiatives, and to undertake specific objectives for the conducive growth of the pharmaceutical sector.